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Hampshire Hotel - 's Gravenhof Zutphen is a historic hotel located in the city centre of Zutphen. The hotel itself not only exudes history: the city centre of Zutphen is also known for its many historical highlights. The convenient location of the hotel makes it easy to visit the various sights, enjoy an afternoon of shopping or take a long bike ride in the beautiful surroundings.

Are you going to Zutphen with your partner for a long bike ride or a romantic weekend away, are you planning an active family holiday in the Achterhoek or are you going to the city with friends for shopping? Then Hampshire Hotel - ’s Gravenhof Zutphen is an attractive base for a pleasant stay in this historical city. In the hotel, history meets you with architecture and paintings from the seventeenth century: even when you open the door of the hotel you are directly between the old buildings. Wander through the streets and alleys and occasionally visit an impressive building such as the famous Sint Walburgis Church.

Hampshire Hotel - 's Gravenhof Zutphen is easily accessible by car. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel you will find several parking spaces. Those who travel to the hotel by public transport can use various bus lines to Hampshire Hotel - 's Gravenhof Zutphen. Would you like to know which bus lines go to and from the hotel? Ask the employees for advice, they will be happy to help you.


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Museums Zutphen

The Municipal Museum Zutphen is a cultural-historical museum that collects the history of Zutphen and the Graafschap (the current Achterhoek) and presents it in an original way. Discover 'The Story of Zutphen', one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, through special objects from the museum, archaeological and archive collections.  

Museum Henriette Polak is the museum for modern-classical painting and sculpture in the Netherlands. In this museum, meet patron Henriette Polak and the artists from the core collection, such as masterpieces by Wim Oets, Arie Schippers, Charlotte van Pallandt and Kees Verwey.

Information Museum

The Stedelijk Museum is located right next to the Hampshire Hotel 's Gravenhof Zutphen.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Website Musea Zutphen