Visit the Agnietenhof

January 1st 2022 - December 31st 2023

The Agnietenhof, also often referred to as Adamanshuis, is now surrounded by buildings around a rectangular courtyard. You can reach the inner space through two gates. The court used to be part of the Agnietenklooster, a building that was inhabited from 1397 by women who wanted to live a pious life. The monastery was dedicated to St. Agnes. In the 15th and until the middle of the 16th century, the monastery grew into the richest of the six women's convents in Zutphen. In addition to pious affairs (a chapel and an infirmary were built, among other things), worldly affairs were also done. This led to a lot of protest from the entrepreneurs in the city. The Spanish occupation heralded the decline of the order and around 1600 the last resident left. The statue in the garden is of a Sister of the Common Life who puts the wax on the bleach. It was created by the sculptress Maïté Duval. (Source:


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