Interior Pauwenzaal

November 30th 2022

Marlieke Damstra, heritage advisor at Gelders Genootschap, will give a lecture about the interior and the wall painting in the Pauwenzaal of the Hampshire hotel. The 18th-century Peacock Room is characterized by its interior and special wall painting of a landscape with peacocks. Monumentenwacht Gelderland and Gelders Genootschap want to put historic interiors on the agenda of the government through an interior watch and make monument owners aware of the value of their interior. The peacock room is very special! Registration in advance, via the website of the Historical Association Zutphen, is mandatory.


Hampshire Hotel 's-Gravenhof Zutphen
's-Gravenhof 6
7201 DN Zutphen



14.00 uur - 16.00 uur

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